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Fitness Pulley Cable

The Fitness Pulley Cable Change Your Work Out Forever!

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Set A - Loading Strap + Strap HandleSet B - Loading Pin + Triceps Rope
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The Fitness Pulley Cable: 

Transform Your Home Gym Instantly!

  • TRAIN HARD AT HOME: Based on the cable machine, lets you train hard anywhere you are. Change the grip and positioning to target different muscle groups! 

  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS: The Fitness Pulley Cable comes with the best materials available. Rest assured that you won’t need to change this tool for years, as long as you maintain it effectively.

  • QUICK SETUP: You can easily set the Fitness Pulley Cale up, regardless of where you are. It is a great choice for homes and gyms, providing a great substitute for you in case you’re too busy to head to the gym for a full-body workout.


Meet Professional Fitness Trainer Bruno and hear what he to say about his Fitness Pulley Cable.

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Why Do You Need These New Fitness Pulley Cable?

  • CONVENIENCE: The convenience that you get from the Fitness Pulley Cable is quite impressive. With an adjustable rope length, you can switch the sizes based on your height and distance. This means that anyone can use it, and you can also modify the cable to fit different exercise modules.

  • LABOR-SAVING DESIGN: The cable can rotate 360-degrees preventing the rope from forever twisting, and its smooth roller ensures a good traverse of the rope.

  • SMOOTH SLIDING: The cable slides efficiently, made with a high-grade nylon design, makes no noise when operating so that you can enjoy your workout. 

Why Choose Our Fitness Pulley Cable?

  • EFFECTIVE RESULTS: Rest assured that the Fitness Pulley Cale will be great for working out on your upper body. Hop on it any day and get those reps in!

  • TENSION PULLEY SYSTEM: Train your muscles harder with the constant tension from the pulley! 

  • UNIVERSAL WEIGHT MOUNTAIN: Our mounting system lets you put weight plates or anything heavy you may have!

  • 78 INCH / 2M CABLE: The long cable length can be adjusted for any kind of workout so that you can customize your cable lengths such as seated lat-pulls and abdominal workouts!

What's Included:

Set A

SET A: 1x Handle Strap, 1x Pulley, 1x Loading Strap (Weight Up To 150KG / 330lbs), 1x Cable (2M), 1x Hanging Strap, 3x Carabiner

Set B

SET B: 1x Tricep Rope, 1x Pulley, 1x Loading Pin (Weight Up To 150KG / 330lbs), 1x Cable (2M), 1x Hanging Strap, 3x Carabiner

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Questions? Look Here!

Can FitnessPulleyCable™️ be set up as low pulley system?

Yes. However, you need to purchase two FitnessPulleyCable™️ systems in order to achieve this low pulley set up. This is ideal if you wish to perform exercises such as seated rows, bicep curls, upright rows, kickbacks, etc. If you wish to only have a high pulley set up then one FitnessPulleyCable™️ is sufficient.

Is product setup easy?

Our product is very easy to install. Most of our customers have installed the product within 2 minutes. If you need help with installing the product, contact us by our email

Do I need a squat rack to use FitnessPulleyCable™️?

Absolutely not! Our customers use doorway Pull-Up bars, garage ceiling beams, Park Pull-Up bars, etc.

Do I need Olympic weights to use FitnessPulleyCable™️?

No! Both olympic and standard sized plates can be used with FitnessPulleyCable™️. You can also use kettlebells, dumbbells and even backpacks as weight by using the weight loading strap included.

What Is The Maximum Loading Capacity?

You can load FitnessPulleyCable™️ up to 150kg / 330Ibs per system. If you purchase 2 systems you can double the capacity to 300kg / 660Ibs. 

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